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NXT | CLT is a thriving community where Black, Indigenous, and People of Color owned growing companies can take their business to the next level. 

As companies become residents of NXT | CLT, they gain access to a supportive network of resources and mentorship, designed to help them grow and scale their business and to achieve their goals.

By empowering BIPOC entrepreneurs to succeed, NXT | CLT is helping to create a more equitable and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Charlotte, and driving positive impact in our community.

Current Companies in Residence - Cohort V

NXT | CLT Cohort IV


Yolanda Holiday

Cohort: #4

Business: Uncorked Screw, LLC


Brittney Bogues

Cohort: #4

Business: Bogues Group, LLC

Robert Grooms.jpg

Robert Grooms

Cohort: #4

Business: Queen Boss


Website photos (7).png

Cissy White

Cohort : #4

Business: Mr. Refurbisher, Inc.

Dr. Bowman.jpg

Dr. Latonya Bowman

Cohort : #4

Business: Discovery Chiropractic & Wellness Center

thumbnail (1) 1.jpg

Tiffani Sims

Cohort : #4

Business: Diversity Talent Scouts


Najla Haywood

Cohort : #4

Business: FDY, INC.

NXT | CLT Cohort III


Katossa Glover

Cohort: #3

Business: Applause Hair Designs

headshot - kevin smith.jpg

Kevin Smith

Cohort: #3 

Business: Access Services Inc.

New Christine Headshot.jpg

Christine Edwards

Cohort: #3

Business: Civility Localized


Persaler Worth

Cohort : #3

Business: PWJ Enterprise, Inc.

Manuel Cordray.jpg

Manuel Cordray

Cohort : #3

Business: Cordre’ Catering


Dreu Dixion

Cohort : #3

Business: Dixon Social Interactive Services

Nakita G_edited.jpg

Niketa Galloway

Cohort : #3

Business: Bizzy Kidz Kab Company, LLC

NXT | CLT Cohort II

Patrick Hill GHead Shot.png

Patrick Hill

Cohort: #2

Business: A Cultivated Mindset


Charisma Smith

Cohort: #2

Business: Omni Source Solutions

Website photos (8).png

Christina Jarrett

Cohort: #2

Business: Restore Health Medical 


Dr. Rochelle Brandon

Cohort : #2

Business: Brandon Gynecology


Heather Wright

Cohort : #2

Business: Wright Creative Agency

Website photos (9).png

Lem Turner

Cohort : #2

Business: The Yard Doctor, LLC

NXT | CLT Cohort I


Pushpinder S. Garcha

Cohort: #1

Business: Golden Tech Systems Inc.


Anita Staton

Cohort: #1

Business: Miles Enterprise Solutions


Roland Udenze

Cohort: #1

Business: RENZCO 


Tracei D. Ball MD, CMO

Cohort : #1

Business: OnCall Mobile Medical

Website photos (10).png

Travis Manigan

Cohort : #1

Business: Gradify

alana weaver.jfif

Alana Weaver Bennett

Cohort : #1

Business: Party in a Tent

Website photos (11).png

Nia McAdoo

Cohort : #1

Business: The Homage Exhibit


Ana Sai

Cohort : #1

Business: COMNet Group, Inc.

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