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NXT | CLT Latest Newsletter

3/13/23, 4:00 PM

Get the latest news from NXT | CLT's March Newsletter.

NXT|CLT was birthed to address systemic inequities and works to provide opportunities for “The Next Generation of Charlotte's most successful businesses owned by untapped Talented Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).”

It is designed to help them become better leaders, get access to social and financial capital resources, and to assist in creating access to large scale enterprise contracts so that they can scale and grow.

This is at the heart of our work in Charlotte. NXT|CLT is needed more than ever to provide wrap-around services and adjust as needed to improve services for businesses owned by BIPOC businesses in the new normal.

"NXT|CLT provides wraparound support to untapped, talented BIPOC business owners in Charlotte so they can grow and scale their businesses faster, create jobs in our community & strengthen our economy"

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