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About NXT | CLT

Charlotte is a city in America filled with passionate individuals committed to making it the best place to live, work and play.

When we build successful businesses, we contribute to the development of the city and the community as a whole. By promoting local businesses, we help create jobs, develop wealth, and enhance the cultural diversity of the place.


Creating the Next Wave of Charlotte Metro’s Most Successful Businesses.

NXT | CLT, Charlotte Metro’s premier small business development Initiative, strives to create a robust pathway to success for businesses owned by people of color. The company was set up with a desire to create a real, accessible, and highly effective movement for high-potential small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to foster the growth of companies owned and operated by people of color, thus creating an ecosystem of effective support for many more.

Annual Reports

990 Tax Form

Donate to a brighter future for all.
Invest in the success of Charlotte Metro’s BIPOC-owned businesses.

Our Goals

Leadership Education

Access to Capital

Access to Markets

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