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Celebrate Women's History Month with NXT | CLT

The Pauline Tea-Bar Apothecary

2326 Arty Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28208

NXT | CLT recently enjoyed a memorable gathering at Pauline's Tea Bar, where we came together with entrepreneurs to celebrate Women's History Month. It was an event filled with joy and recognition of the incredible contributions women have made across all sectors of our society. More than a mere social meet-up, it was a profound tribute to the resilience, innovation, and leadership of women who have significantly impacted both the business world and societal norms. Over delicious cookies and fine teas, we exchanged stories and drew inspiration from the extraordinary lives of pioneering women throughout history.

At Pauline's Tea Bar, we took the time to connect, reflect, and celebrate the essence of Women's History Month. This gathering provided a fantastic chance to network with like-minded entrepreneurs and pay homage to the outstanding accomplishments of women who have laid the groundwork for the leaders of tomorrow.

Honors all the trailblazing women for 
Women's History Month

Womens History Month
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This Women's History Month, NXT | CLT honors the incredible women whose resilience, innovation, and leadership have profoundly impacted our world and the Charlotte Metro Area.

As we acknowledge these remarkable contributions, we commit to uplifting and supporting women everywhere, recognizing their success as our collective triumph.

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