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Access to Capital

Access to Capital with NXT | CLT

Understanding the challenges that many entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented communities, face in securing financial support, NXT | CLT has developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure these ambitious business owners are not left behind.

Access to Social and Financial Capital:

Beyond direct funding, NXT | CLT is committed to ensuring entrepreneurs have access to broader social and financial capital resources. Recognizing that a robust network can be just as valuable as financial investment, NXT | CLT facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and a wide network of potential investors, mentors, and peers. This network not only opens doors to additional funding opportunities but also to partnerships that can lead to long-term business success.

Cohort businesses have the opportunity to apply for possible grants, contingent upon assessments of necessity, meeting assignment criteria, and timeline schedules.

Executive Learning Sessions with Investors:

Education and preparedness are key to successfully securing investment. To this end, NXT | CLT organizes executive learning sessions featuring angel investors and investment groups from around the Charlotte Metro Area, such as the CLT Impact Group. These sessions are designed to demystify the investment process, teach entrepreneurs how to effectively pitch their businesses, and understand what investors are looking for. This direct engagement with the investment community provides invaluable insights and builds confidence among entrepreneurs as they seek financial backing.

Through these strategic initiatives, NXT | CLT ensures that entrepreneurs are not only provided with the capital they need to grow but are also equipped with the knowledge and networks to navigate the complex landscape of business financing. By addressing both the immediate and long-term needs of entrepreneurs, NXT | CLT is setting a new standard for comprehensive business support, ensuring that every entrepreneur has the opportunity to thrive.

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