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NXT | CLT's Executive Leadership Mastermind Session

NXT | CLT's Executive Leadership Mastermind Sessions serve as an intellectual sanctuary for high-performing entrepreneurs and CEOs. We understand that as top-tier leaders, your energies are often externally focused, dedicated to business development and team cultivation.


To address this, we have curated a distinguished list of of experts, including Dr. Ron Bell, The Charlotte Impact Group, Ann McNeil with  and esteemed coaches Marise Kumar and Cyndi Gave from Vistage Worldwide.


Our objective is to offer transformative experiences that prioritize your personal growth, facilitating a more balanced, effective approach to leadership. These sessions provide the invaluable opportunity to engage in rich dialogue and obtain insights that elevate both your leadership skills and your business strategies.

NXT | CLT Executive Leadership Mastermind Session 

Harnessing The Power of Collaborative Leadership
by Marise Kumar Vistage Chair

This transformative Executive Leadership Mastermind Session took place on September 28th 2023 at the UNC Charlotte Portal building.


This event was a game-changer for our Cohort businesses in attendance. Facilitated by Charlotte Vistage Chair, Marise Kumar, this event challenged the notion that leadership is a solitary endeavor, advocating instead for a collaborative approach.


Drawing upon proven strategies from Vistage Worldwide, the session empowered business leaders to leverage the collective wisdom of their teams.

This event was not just about information; it was about transformation, offering a fresh perspective on leadership that promises to enhance business success and team cohesion in today's fast-paced corporate environment.



NXT | CLT Executive Leadership Mastermind Session 

Leading Minds: A Mental Health Exploration
by Dr. Ron Bell

We had a profoundly impactful Executive Leadership Session on October 12th, 2023, at the UNC Charlotte Portal Building. Dr. Ron Bell, a leading authority on preventing burnout, provided invaluable insights that resonated deeply with our entrepreneurs.


Considering the startling statistics — Forbes reporting that 92% of small business owners have experienced mental health issues within the past two years, and Harvard Business Review noting that 25% of entrepreneurs feel emotionally dependent on their work — the timeliness and relevance of Dr. Bell's guidance could not have been more crucial.


The session truly empowered our community to understand and address the all-too-real issue of business burnout, marking a significant moment in their entrepreneurial journeys.



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