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What’s Next, Charlotte?

Creating the Next Wave of Charlotte’s Most Successful Businesses.

NXT|CLT, Charlotte’s premier small business development Initiative, strives to create a robust pathway to success for businesses owned by people of color. The company was set up with a desire to create a real, accessible, and highly effective movement for high-potential small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to foster the growth of companies owned and operated by people of color, thus creating an ecosystem of effective support for many more.

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NXT/CLT conducts development Initiatives for business enthusiasts to uncover great opportunities and enhance business capabilities. We provide mentoring, resources, and grants to emerging companies and their leaders to help them embark on the road to success. The Initiative is led by successful business leaders and best-in-class experts. The elements of the Initiative include

  • A 6-month professional development cohort.
  • An innovative curriculum developed/guided as per the need of the business leaders.
  • Direct engagement between business owners and industry executives.
  • A customized coaching plan to specifically align resources to each company.
  • Peer-led support network to share best practices and provide extended support.
  • Each participating firm will qualify for $15,000 in financial support for operations and capacity building.

Three Areas of Emphasis

Management Education

Management Education

We ensure business owners are aware of the latest management strategies and approaches to upscale their business.

Market Development

Market Development

We emphasize that companies create meaningful and long-lasting relationships ​with large organizations for better growth and development.

access to Capital

Access to Capital

We make sure companies have enough capital and resources to finance their business and take it to the next level.