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"SOAR in '24"

  Our Vision:  

Transforming Lives to Equitably service Entrepreneurs In Our Communities 

  Our Purpose: 

We are focused on creating "Equity for All" in our community


Building Charlotte's NeXT Generation of Successful Enterprise companies Owned by Untapped, Talented, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color 

  Our Why: 

Historically, Universal Equity has not been shared

  Our NeXT: 

Building Bridges for legacy Entrepreneurs by creating a path for Universal Equity.

Donate to a brighter future for all. Invest in the success of Charlotte’s BIPOC-owned  businesses.

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Elevate your
Entrepreneurial Journey

Applications for Cohort 8 are now open!

Apply for NXT | CLT's next cohort, and join a vibrant community of innovators and business leaders dedicated to growth and success. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your vision into reality!

Applications are open until:
Monday, January 22nd, 2024


2022-2023 Annual Report has arrived!

Explore the impressive growth and impact in the entrepreneurial landscape by simply clicking the link below.


Our report provides an immersive experience with clickable links to our exceptional cohort members' businesses, bringing their inspirational journeys to life.


Discover the success stories of local enterprises, their contribution to our community, and their promising prospects.


Join us in celebrating the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship and the transformative power of innovation.

Eric Lewis the Executive director of NXT | CLT giving a speech at one of our Cohort events

Our Purpose

We are primarily focused on building Charlotte's Next Generation of Successful Enterprise Companies Owned by Untapped, Talented, Black, Indigenous, and  People of Color.

Naijla Haywood Speaking with Ann McNeil
Ana Sai Founder of the COMNET Group speaking with a member of the community.

Our Vision

Transforming Lives To Equitably Serve Entrepreneurs In Our Communities


Recent News

Stay in the know about what's happening with NXT | CLT and around the city of Charlotte! Follow our updates for all the latest news and events impacting this vibrant community. Click below to keep up-to-date!

Take Part

We believe that when you support BIPOC entrepreneurs you create an equitable environment where all people, children, and our community flourish.

Founder of NXT | CLT Greg Johnson standing next to Manuel Bynum in the portal building
NXT | CLT hostin an iteractive Executive Session frour cohort Businessess


Total Grants Awarded


Transformational Leaders to Date


Cohorts to Date


The sessions were great. But also the leadership and being able to engage with the leaders who were actually facilitating the program.

Anita Staton

Miles Enterprise Solutions

Cohort #1

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